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Jack Kelly/Francis Sullivan/Cowboy – Jack of course is the leader of the newsies, and led them on strike. He’s notorious for his cowboy hat and gear, earning him the nickname of Cowboy, and his greatest desire is to go to Santa Fe. Jack changed his name to hide out from the refuge, and the warden, Snyder. He has a great ability for leading, as well as selling newspapers, improving the truth and attracting girls (Sarah Jacobs). If you were a new newsie, Jack would be the newsie who would show you the ropes.
Jack was played by
Christian Bale.
Quote: “For a dreamer, night’s the only time of day.”

David Jacobs – David is the new newsie who obviously doesn’t really like the lifestyle of Jack. Yet they become best friends and even became Jack’s advisor during the strike. He gave Jack the words to say when it came to getting the newsies excited for the strike. He is very loyal to the newsies, despite his being new, and is very overprotective of his kid brother, Les. His greatest desire is to have an editor’s desk at a journal and be a star reporter.
David was played by
David Moscow.
Quote: “Well, you have a way of improving the truth.”

Les Jacobs – Les is the younger brother of David, and is also a newer newsie. He is 9, almost ten, but follows Jack’s order of saying he’s 7. He completely idolizes Jack and was the one who first got the newsies hyped up for the strike! Les carries around a wooden sword as he sells his newspapers, and takes up bets on drinking beer. He mostly wants a mezzanine seat at the flickers.
Les was played by
Luke Edwards.
Quote: “Come back my lovey, dovey baby, and coochie coo with me!”

Racetrack Higgins – Race is the gambler of the newsies. He sells his newspapers at the races, and often loses the money he makes there. He has a tobacco problem, in which he smokes both cigars and cigarettes. At first, he thought the strike was a bad idea, then helped get it started. He also narrates at the beginning of the movie. More than anything, he wants a permanent box at the Sheepshead Races.
Race was played by
Max Casella.
Quote: “You’re in the papes, you’re famous! You’re famous you get anything you want! And that’s what’s so great about New York!”

Crutchy – Crutchy is the newsie who walks around with the crutch. He’s Jack’s best friend but constantly worries about people not believing he’s really disabled. He also enjoys watching Jack kick the Delancy brothers’ butts, and pokes a little fun at them as well. But he was captured during the strike and dragged to the refuge. The newsies then fought for him (Ex: “Let’s soak ‘em for Crutchy!”), and when the strike ended, he was released and gave some “helpful” advice to Snyder.
Crutchy was played by
Marty Belafsky.
Quote: “The first thing you do in jail: make friends with the rats. Share what ya got in common!”

Boots – Boots is the very first newsie you meet in the movie. He’s one of the younger newsies, probably around thirteen or fourteen, and is also pretty good friends with Jack. He doesn’t like to be considered a scaredy-cat (Ex: “We ain’t scared of Brooklyn!”), and sticks up for himself. He looks to Jack for advice on strike matters, and can’t stand blood. He wants a new courdoroy suit with fitted knickers.
Boots was played by
Arvie Lowe Jr.
Quote: “I spent a month there one night.”

Mush – Mush is the adorable yet somewhat gullible newsie. He normally hangs around and jokes with Kid Blink. When it comes to dancing, he’s usually the newsie who does all the neato flips. He also likes to make jokes about Jack’s sleeping habits, but Jack normally gets him back. The one thing Mush wants most is a pair of new shoes with matching laces.
Mush was played by
Aaron Lohr.
Quote: “I asked Jack how he slept and he said, ‘on me back, Mush!’”

Kid Blink – Kid Blink is the newsie with the eye patch over his left eye. He’s buddies with Jack and Mush and is mostly known for (other than his eye patch) his trademark smile. Blink is afraid that the strike doesn’t have enough newsies, but later comes to believe in it. Later on in the movie, he supports Jack’s motive on sticking together and takes a blow for him trying to help him escape the police. He’s very suave, obviously a ladies’ man, but wants to go on a Saturday night date with the mayor’s daughter.
Kid Blink was played by
Trey Parker.
Quote: “Tell ‘em, Jack!”

Spot Conlon – Spot is the toughest, most respected, and famous newsie in all of New York. As leader of the Brooklyn newsies, he holds a tough crew and carries around a gold-tipped cane and slingshot. At first, he didn’t really believe the Manhattan newsies were really serious about the strike, but later came to the rescue when they needed help the most. For some unknown reason, he wants a porcelain tub with boiling water. He also wears a key on the shoelace around his neck.
Spot was played by
Gabriel Damon.
Quote: “Never fear, Brooklyn is here!”

Snitch – Snitch is the thumb-sucking newsie who shares a bed with Itey. He is normally seen in the crowd of newsies, but doesn’t say much. He has a sort of long face and brown hair and eyes. Besides Itey, he normally hangs around with Jake. He wears some kind of pouch from his belt and sometimes twirls it on his finger.
Snitch was played by
Dee Caspary.
Quote: “Come on, Jack!”

Itey – Itey is the newsie who shares a bed with Snitch and wakes up with his foot in his face. Itey is also rather young, and blends in with the crowd as well. He too hangs around with Jake, but looks related to the “Tumble” boy. He has curly black hair and dark eyes and is often seen fiddling with his suspenders. He was also one of the newsies defending David in front of Snyder at the rally.
Itey was played by
Dominic Maldonado.
Quote: “Ugh!”

Jake – Jake is a taller newsie who wears a rounded derby and a red vest. He is normally seen hanging around with Snitch and Itey, and says only one line in the entire movie. But he often seems interested in the fights between Jack and the Delancys. He dances a bit more than other newsies and seems to enjoy it all. When he loses his vest, he’s seen wearing blue overalls.
Jake was played by
Joseph Conrad Creagh.
Quote: “It’s a bust!”

Snoddy – Snoddy is a superior-looking newsie who doesn’t talk hardly at all. He mainly wears red sleeve holders and has rather large eyes. Like Jake, he too dances a bit more, but is pretty easy to identify in the crowd because of his eyes. Though he doesn’t say anything, he likes to hang around with the newsies and normally wears a small smile. He is also a good friend of Swifty.
Snoddy was played by
Robert Feeney.
Quote: “It’s okay!”

Snipeshooter – Snipeshooter is another younger newsie. He is normally seen smoking, and hanging around with Boots and Les. He tries to steal Race’s cigar in the beginning of the movie, but has no luck there. He also likes to hang around with the older newsies, and thinks a crooked politician is a great story for newspapers. He is also seen at the beginning of the movie in the bathtub. Because of his love for smoking, he really wants a box of Havana cigars, which preferably cost a quarter.
Snipeshooter was played by
Matthew Fields.
Quote: “How ‘bout a crooked politician?”

Dutchy – Dutchy is the only truly blond-haired newsie with glasses. He is one of the main dancers in the movie, and is easily pointed out by his gold hair and blue eyes. He doesn’t seem very confident about spelling “strike” and is one of the newsies to first point out Snyder in the lodging house. He’s buddies with Specs and Bumlets and is known for waving a sausage on a fork at Denton.
Dutchy was played by
Ivan Dudynsky.
Quote: “So’d I spell it right, Kloppman?”

Specs – Specs is another newsie with glasses, only he’s not as easy to point out as Dutchy. He wears a derby and has brown hair and eyes. He is one of the few who believed that the strike seemed worth it, and defended David at the rally. He improves headlines like heck, and lies about Jack being in Manhattan. He’s also good friends with Bumlets and Dutchy.
Specs was played by
Mark David.
Quote: “That’s an unusual name for these parts.”

Skittery – Skittery is the newsie who wears bright pink underwear and is normally in a bad mood. He wakes up by shouting “I didn’t do it!” and then gets slapped in the face for no apparent reason. He has a few solos in the movie, and talks more than most of the not-so-popular newsies. He isn’t very thrilled about the strike either, but later changes his mind and is willing to defend David at the rally. He also carries around a stick throughout a good portion of the movie.
Skittery was played by
Michael A. Goorjian.
Quote: “I didn’t do it!”

Bumlets – Bumlets is the newsie who’s mostly known for spinning on the ceiling fan. He also carries around a stick and sometimes fences with it like a sword. He has a few lines, though his laugh is easy to identify, but dances a lot and even sings a few lines with a few more newsies. He’s a friendly newsie and is often seen with Pie Eater, Dutchy and Specs, but also hangs around the younger newsies like a big brother. He seems to get along with all the newsies, and was also one who grew to believe the strike was really worth doing.
Bumlets was played by
Dominic Lucero.
Quote: “Look at that angel!”

Pie Eater – Pie Eater has only one line but seems to stick out in the crowd. He is seen in almost every scene, though hardly anyone knows who he is. He dances a lot too and mainly hangs around with Bumlets and Swifty. Though he doesn’t have many lines, you can tell he enjoys the strike by his facial expressions, and his rather big smile. He’s basically the only newsie with bangs, and the only other newsie (besides Mush) who does a lot of flips.
Pie Eater was played by
David Sidoni.
Quote: “Morning, miss. We’re the newsies.”

Swifty – Swifty is the Asian newsie who wears a bright red shirt that you can spot in almost every scene. He too is a main dancer and normally has a huge smile on his face. By all his dancing, you can tell he really loves what he does. He is pretty good friends with Pie Eater and Snoddy, but also seems to get along with Dutchy pretty well. He’s bigger than most of the newsies, but all throughout the movie, his shirt mysteriously looses buttons, and then they magically reappear…
Swifty was played by
Kevin Stea.
Quote: “Jack, get down!”